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IronPython 1.1 RC1 Released

IronPython RC1 has been released.

IronPython - Productivity Winner in Jolt Awards

IronPython didn't win the Jolt Awards Development Environments Section, but it did receive a Productivity award.;jsessionid=PKABUTN35WQWUQSNDLRSKH0CJUNN2JVN

And now for something completely different…

Steve Gilham posts about his latest current software infatuation - IronPython and a simple example of how he uses it to help with build automation.

How to XSL-transform XML files using IronPython

Eddy Young provides a code snippet to transform XML using XSL with IronPython.

Creating .NET Classes Dynamically from IronPython

Michael Foord posts about some experimentation with dynamically creating .NET classes with IronPython.

Embedding IronPython

Another useful tutorial from Michael Foord

Using MSMQ from IronPython

Nauman Leghari provides a simple example of how to use MSMQ from IronPython.

Mind Blown by PyCon

Michael Foord's post on the people he meet at PyCon. Has a great photo of some of the IronPython community. Now I can put faces to some of the names on the ironpython mailinglist.