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Most Popular Articles of 2009

 In 2009 I made 312 posts on IronPython-URLs, a bit short of an average of one a day that it looked like I might manage earlier in the year. According to google analytics there were more than 112 thousand page views to a total of 2042 pages on the blog. An average of over three hundred page views a day. Feedburner estimates that this blog has around eight hundred readers. Many of those will read the articles via RSS or Planet Python and rarely visit the website. It's interesting to note that of the most popular articles in 2009 (most page views) several of them are to do with choice of IDE or using IronPython with Visual Studio. The question of which IDE to use with IronPython is still alive and well: New Sample: Writing a DLR Language in C# or IronPython   (May 2009, 1892 page views) IronPython in SharpDevelop 3.1 and Converting C# to IronPython   (May 2009, 1412 page views) C# Becomes a Dynamic Language...   (December 2008, 1164 page views) Python is the easiest languag