Sunday, February 25, 2007

PyCon: Day 2

Jeremy Jones as part of a post about PyCon 2007, he gives an overview of Jim Hugunin's IronPython talk.

"After SQLAlchemy, I attended a talk on IronPython by Jim Hugunin. Jim gave an overview of where IronPython is and where it is going. It is currently at version 1.0, which is 2.4 compatible. Version 1.1 should be coming out in April and will provide partial Python 2.5 support and more standard library modules working. 2.0 should ship early 2008 and will provide 2.5 support and still more modules working. Jim mentioned the excellent IronPython Community Edition. For anyone not familiar with the history of IPCE, it was created because Microsoft would not accept patches from non-Microsoft folks and would not bundle IronPython with other applications which have LGPL, BSD, etc. licenses. I was glad to see him directly address the issue in the middle of his talk rather than waiting to be asked about it. I was further glad to hear a straight forward answer on this subject. And while it is sad that Microsoft is unwilling do what IPCE has done, I can appreciate their hesitance to do so. And I appreciate Jim for his candor in discussing it. All in all, IronPython is an exciting project. I’m glad to see Python gain a potential community boost by way of the host of .NET developers across the world."

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