Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Python Binding: a SharpDevelop (IDE) Addin

Python Binding is an IronPython 'addin' for SharpDevelop - an Open Source IDE for .NET.

The planned features of PythonBinding 1.0 are:
  • syntax highlighting and coloring
  • form designer support
  • code completion: type a period after a name and it will suggest alternatives, or hit control-space.
  • compile to exe or dll, including a windows exe, or a console application (the console pauses so you can see the output).
  • set compiler options, debug output
  • templates to get you started: windows form, class example
Update from Steve Gilham: the version of Python Binding available for download (0.5 beta) targets version 2.0 of Sharp Develop. The latest version is 2.1, which unfortunately is incompatible with Python Binding.


  1. There is a version 0.5 beta, but unfortunately it seems only to work with #develop 2.0 -- with #develop 2.1 it falls over with a null object reference, such as reported here.

  2. I've done a first pass look at what it would need to make PythonBinding play with #develop 2.1; and it isn't pretty. *sigh*

  3. Thanks Steve (first comment on this blog that I've seen in ages!). I've updated this entry to reflect your comments.


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