Sunday, September 09, 2007

IronPython in Action

The first four chapters of IronPython in Action, the 'forthcoming' book, are now available via the Manning Early Access Program. The first chapter is free to download.
This means that you get access to the book as it is being written (and get the chance to point out our mistakes!).

The first five chapters (the fifth should be added in the next few days) are an introduction to .NET, a Python tutorial, and then a walk through an example structured Python application illustrating both the Python language and aspects of the .NET framework.

The rest of the book is going to be much more 'recipe style' and cover a wide range of aspects of .NET (ASP, databases, web services, working with Windows and so on), deeper into Python (testing, protocols, metaclasses and so on) and also embedding and extending IronPython.

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