Friday, March 14, 2008

IronPython 2.0 Beta 1

IronPython 2 is finally out of alpha! The first beta has just been released.
There is a huge list of minor bugs and issues fixed in this release. The 'headline' changes for this release are:
  • PEP 328, absolute and relative imports, has been implemented
  • PEP 302, new import hooks, has been implemented
  • Numerous Python dictionary improvements
  • ‘sys’ is now a real builtin module
  • Test projects for IronPython .NET (ClrAssembly) and COM interop (DlrComLibrary) support have been added to the ‘Src\Tests’ directory within the source zip file
  • More improvements to the –X:PreferComDispatch flag
If you were missing the fantastic DLRConsole demo for the new Silverlight 2 release, then good news. Yesterday 'the team' (actually Jimmy Schementi I think - who is one of the few IronPython devs who isn't at PyCon) uploaded an updated version to the Dynamic Silverlight site: DLRConsole Demo for Silverlight 2.

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