Tuesday, April 01, 2008

IronPython Studio 1.0 for Isolated and Integrated VS Shell

IronPython Studio, the Python IDE built on Visual Studio Shell, is now version 1.0. There is also an integrated version to go with the isolated version. The integrated version can still run standalone, but can also run within Visual Studio.


  1. Hi Fuzzyman,

    """ the Python IDE built on Visual Studio Shell, is now version 1.0"""

    "Sounds" great.Do you know if there's actually anything new in this landmark "1.0" apart from the renaming and the fact it runs with VS if already installed (didn't find the changelog).

    Looking at the checkins I see (since december 10th checkin) :

    -Mar 28 at 2:46 PM: About ico and splash screen files added
    -Mar 27 at 9:41 PM: Isolated solution renamed
    -Mar 27 at 9:36 PM Setup isolated folder renamed
    -Mar 27 at 9:35 PM VS Shell Integrated setup added

    Or is still more a proof of concept/example for the Visual Shell. It's difficult for me to know since the author doesn't answers issues on the discussion part of the project since months.

    I would appreciate your opinion on the 'usability' of this "new" Iron Python Studio for the Isolated mod case.



  2. Personally... I much prefer using a 'dedicated' Python IDE like Wing. The visual designer is pretty good in the IronPython Studio though.


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