Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IronPython Training in Stockholm, September 23rd-24th

I'll be presenting a two day training session in Stockholm (the training is in English) with addskills in September (23rd-24th). It is aimed at .NET developers looking to use IronPython for application development, scripting, embedding, testing or just as another useful tool. It will be a comprehensive training session for those with .NET experience who are interested in making practical use of IronPython. There will even be some IronRuby examples covered.
This course is about how to make the most of dynamic languages like IronPython and IronRuby on the .NET framework; with a particular focus on IronPython. The dynamic language runtime, which is being incorporated into .NET 4.0 and is the basis of IronPython and IronRuby, enables a new class of language to run on the .NET framework. In the last few years dynamic languages have gained a reputation for increased developer productivity and being easy to learn. These new languages for the .NET framework have potential applications in everything from scripting tasks to application development to embedding in .NET programs as ready made scripting engines.

Topics covered will include:
  • IronPython and the interactive environment (the REPL)
  • Why dynamic languages? (how Python and Ruby differ differ from statically typed languages)
  • The Python language
  • Multiple programming paradigms: object oriented, functional and metaprogramming
  • Working with the .NET framework
  • Development tools including IronPython in Visual Studio
  • Testing with IronPython
  • Dynamic Silverlight applications
  • Embedding the DLR (IronPython and IronRuby) in .NET applications
  • Interacting with dynamic objects and the dynamic keyword in C# 4.0
  • Practical tips, tricks, and participants' questions

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