Saturday, May 12, 2007

IronPython and "Project Jasper"

Project Jasper is a(nother) new project from Microsoft for interacting with databases:

Project Jasper is geared towards iterative and agile development. You can start interacting with the data in your database without having to create mapping files or define classes. You can build user interfaces by naming controls according to your model without worrying about binding code. Project Jasper is also extensible, allowing you to provide your own business logic and class model. Since Project Jasper is built on top of the ADO.NET Entity Framework, it supports rich queries and complex mapping.

Jasper is designed for CLR languages with late-bound facilities such as VB and IronPython. (Interesting to see new research in Microsoft that targets IronPython rather than C#.)

The project CTP includes some IronPython examples, and there are a couple of blogs that illustrate playing with Jasper from the IronPython interactive console:

A walkthrough the Jasper API with IronPython - Part 1
Using the Entity Framework with IronPython 1.1 in Project Jasper

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