Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Silverlight: Dynamic Languages in the Browser

Along with the new release of IronPython comes Silverlight. Silverlight is the new name for WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Evrywhere). This, amongst other things, is a sandboxed version of the CLR (the .NET runtime) for browsers. This 'core CLR' is capable of running the DLR, so you can now script browsers with IronPython.


The DLR comes with Silverlight 1.1 alpha, not with 1.0 beta.

There are a set of demos for using IronPython with Silverlight up on CodePlex.

There is also a new ASP CTP (Community Technology Preview) called 'futures' which features Silverlight integration.

John Lam, one of the implementors of the DLR, along with IronRuby one of the languages that will run on top of it, has a couple of posts that link to a lot of the commentary (both positive and negative) about Silverlight and the DLR.

Silverlight: Love it or Hate it

Clearing the air about Silverlight and the DLR

Whilst I, of course, mainly link to the positive (including some screenshots of the IronPython demos).

Silverlight: Python in the Browser

IronPython and the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime

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