Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extending Abobe Flash Player and AIR with Python and Ruby

An intriguing blog entry about an Adobe experimental project. It is a C/C++ cross- compiler for the flash player and AIR. This means that you can (will be able to?) cross-compile the Python / Ruby/ lots of other language runtimes and then run them in Flash. The blog entry contrasts this approach to the DLR which requires the re-implementation of dynamic languages - hence IronPython and IronRuby.

The project is already beyond proof-of concept, they even have Quake III cross-compiled and running in Flash.

Quake 3 has already been ported to managed code, but this is even more impressive. Whether the Python interpreter can be cross-compiled to run on top of another runtime (with completely different basic types), without changing the language semantics at all, has yet to be proved - but it is a very interesting project. (It also means that Python/Ruby will possibly be enabled only by additional optional downloads - but don't forget that IronMonkey is another possibility for browser scripting with Python.)

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