Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tenuous Links

A few recent links that are more or less relevant to IronPython...
  • Ruby.NET is dead, long live IronRuby
  • Alex Reich Hypothesises that a Microsoft Yahoo merger might mean more IronPython use
  • Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio looks at how VB.NET is returning to its roots through the influence of the DLR and IronPython
  • A comp.lang.python discussion on whether IronPython is really faster than CPython
  • The Da Vinci Machine Project is an experimental Java project which is their answer to the DLR (how Sun is furthering dynamic language support on the JVM). "This project will prototype a number of extensions to the JVM, so that it can run non-Java languages efficiently, with a performance level comparable to that of Java itself."
  • Curt Hagenlocher announces a new project that will generate static assemblies from IronPython code, so that classes defined in IronPython can be used from other .NET languages. This will become a CodePlex project, but he has posted some code.
  • Cobra - a new .NET high level language, with Python inspired syntax. The docs include a Comparison to Python. Features include:
    • a clean, high-level syntax
    • It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
    • static and dynamic binding
    • first class support for unit tests and contracts
    • compiled performance with scripting conveniences
    • ...and more

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