Friday, February 01, 2008

More from Lang.NET

Lang.NET is now over, but it left a lot of impressed people - particularly the presentations on the DLR and Mono (and Resolver of course).
  • Morning Coffee with Devhawk - who rates Martin's talk on the DLR as the coolest Microsoft talk and was also impressed with Mono and Moonlight and the new Second Life script runner which uses the Mono engine (which should allow second life scripts to be written in IronPython in due course). His take on Resolver: "Creating a spread-sheet based app development environment is one of those ideas that seems obvious in retrospect".
  • Mig Tamale in da Sim - Miguel is also back from the conference and has a screenshot of Secondlife on Linux: "The work that we are doing on Mono's runtime to support Silverlight (the sandbox system and the hardening of the runtime) is going to enable the use of other programming languages to script components on Second Life". (He also posted a blog entry commenting on the Mono/Second Life integration.)
  • Perl 6 on the DLR - impressed by the DLR, Mr. Colliertech (who's real name I still haven't worked out) wonders what it would take to get Perl running on the DLR. (Hell freezing over I hope personally, but people have to try...)
  • The Resolver - Coding the markets has finally given Resolver a spin: "Where it scores big over Excel is in exposing its internals, specifically the calc model and worksheet in one seamless view."
  • Lang.NET Highlights from Knowing.NET - I intend to write more about Resolver soon. Like OneNote, this is one of those applications that give you a shock of recognition -- "Yes! This is what I want!"
  • West Coast Grid Discovers Resolver One - The title says it all: "Hey, Excel: Resolver One understands .NET. Are you learning?".

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