Friday, February 15, 2008

OpenSimulator Python Scripting via realXtend

This is all new to me, but it looks really interesting. This is a blog post introducing the new 'Open Simulator' planet aggregator, and the work of realXtend.
OpenSimulator is an Open Source Application Platform which can be used for creating immersive 3D Virtual Interactive Environments such as Virtual worlds. According to the blog entry they have had a lot of work contributed by realXtend:

Creating an open source platform for interconnected virtual worlds is the goal of realXtend project. We collaborate with OpenSim, OpenViewer and realXtend viewer projects.

Their work includes:

On the serverside, RealXtend have implemented some nifty features such as Python scripting support (via IronPython)

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  1. haha, that was fast. I wasn't expecting that post to go anywhere quickly.

    Anyway - yeah we use .NET for internal scripting [it's convenient since our main application is .NET too], so it was easy for them to slot IronPython in - there's some fairly nifty stuff you can do with it. I think there's some good sample scripts included with the RealXtend binaries they have posted up on their website. :)


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