Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IronRuby Released and IronPython to Accept User Contributions

A pre-alpha version of IronRuby has just been released:

A First Look at IronRuby by John Lam

Scott Guthrie has posted a good introduction to using it (interacting with WPF):

First Look at IronRuby by Scott Guthrie

John Lam's announcement about IronRuby included a couple of surprises. It is to be hosted on Rubyforge rather than Codeplex and will accept contributions from the community.

This is something that hasn't so far been possible with IronPython, so members of the community were keen to hear if the same thing would also reply.

Jim Hugunin responded on the IronPython mailing list that this will happen in the long term, but we would have to wait...

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