Monday, June 09, 2008

Products in IronPython

A recent thread on the IronPython Mailing List discussed products implemented with IronPython. The major ones are:
  • Resolver One - of course! Programmable spreadsheet on steroids
  • LeeBeLLuL - An RIA style application that uses IronPython in the browser and InfoPath in the form design
  • Symyx - IronPython is used for scripting of form editor widgets in their "universal ELN product" (whatever that may be, but evidently it is used by the scientific community)
UPDATE: More from the comments and the mailing list.
  • Final Builder - a Windows graphical build automation tool
  • - a large part is written in IronPython (the rest is C# and CPython)
  • - IronPython is used for user scripting in their 'RiteTrack' product
  • The Havana CMS runs on IronPython 1.1 (and C# 3.). Work is underway to update it to IronPython 2.


  1. It's nowhere near as involved as Resolver One, but we just released a beta version of FinalBuilder, our Windows graphical build automation tool, which supports IronPython 2 as a fully integrated scripting language.

    So far I'm loving IronPython!

  2. a large part of our product is written in IronPython (the rest is C# and CPython), and our service has been in production for several months -

    We've been using IPy 1.x for around a year, and it was everything we hoped it would be.

    thanks a lot!

  3. Our Havana CMS runs on IronPython 1.1 (and C# 3.0) and we upgraded it to run on IronPython 2 beta 2.

    Check out this screenshot


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