Monday, October 06, 2008

Compiling the DLR for Silverlight and IronPython with Silverlight RC0

Silverlight Release Candidate 0 is out, this means that the old versions of IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime don't work with the new version.

Silverlight includes a cut down version of the .NET framework called the Core-CLR. IronPython and DLR have to be compiled against the Core-CLR assemblies for the version of Silverlight you are targeting.

But IronPython is Open Source, so you can just compile it against the new Silverlight assemblies right? Jimmy Schementi explains:
"Of course! Everything should just work, since there were no major breaking changes in Silverlight that affect the DLR between Beta2 and RC0. So, you hacked up the csproj files to point at mscorlib.dll, system.dll, etc in the new Silverlight install directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\2.0.30923.0), compile, and it builds fine. Then you try to run an app ..."

Next you need to make a simple change to your dynamic application to tell it about the new version of the runtime. Jimmy covers this in his blog entry as well. Of course rather than compiling IronPython yourself, it is easier to wait for Jimmy to release a new version of the SDK.
Jimmy also explains the changes in the DLR hosting API if you are hosting IronPython or IronRuby in your Silverlight application.

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