Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IronScheme turns One

1.0 Beta 1 that is. Yesterday IronScheme 1.0 Beta 1 was released.

IronScheme is a rewrite of IronLisp, and aims to be an R6RS conforming implementation of Scheme based on the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime.

This new language implementation allows you to write .NET applications in Scheme or embed Scheme as a scripting language. It also opens up the possibility of Python and Scheme (and other dynamic languages) interoperating through the DLR.

This release includes a Visual Studio (SP1) plugin and is the creation of the author of the Open Source .NET xacc ide which has Scheme support.
From the 1.0 Beta 1 release notes:

Notably lacking for R6RS
  • call/cc only supports outward continuations
  • all raise's are continuable in the sense they can be caught
  • no tail calls in dynamic-wind
  • a generic load procedure for toplevel R6RS files
  • many extras procedures and macros in (ironscheme) library, mostly provided by psyntax
  • syntactic CLR integration, automatic conversion of closures into delegates
  • Abdulaziz Ghuloum and Kent Dybvig for psyntax (and friends)
  • Derick Eddington for making SRFI-1 R6RS compatible
  • Philip L. Bewig for SRFI-41
  • Marc Feeley for pretty-print
  • anyone else I missed
Planned to-do's (before final release)
  • testing of anything else
  • any additional CLR integration required
  • documentation
Updated (fixed/new)
  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1 plugin
  • A tiny MVC web framework
  • Added a lot of documentation, more to come
  • Many bug fixes
  • See 'Source Code' page for more details

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