Thursday, September 10, 2009

Four IronPython Podcasts

It's been a while since I've posted (at least by the standards of this blog) and as usual a lot has happened. This includes four podcasts featuring IronPython.
Sod This is the product of the fevered imaginings of Oliver Sturm and Gary Short, two well known English .NET developers. In this episode they interview Harry Pierson, the IronPython program manager for Microsoft.
Wow, we managed to record another show right away this time! We talk about a variety of things – my experiences with my Snow Leopard install, 32 vs 64 bit, dynamic languages and how the world is moving on so fast… lots of talk, and during mixing it occurred to me that I was a bit too talkative myself, which makes things a bit unbalanced :-) Well, I guess that’s how it is if there’s “only” two of you.

In this episode we also include an interview we recorded with Harry Pierson at TechEd US. Harry is an IronPython guy these days, working for Microsoft as the PM on IronPython, and he had a lot of interesting stories to tell.
Python 411 is a podcast by the incorrigible Ron Stephens. In this episode he interviews Sven Passig, a programmer with, about an application he has been developing with IronPython and Silverlight (the Microsoft cross-platform browser plugin that lets you run Python in the browser). Interestingly Sven develops the application on a Mac using Mono.
This episode of Python411 is an interview with Sven Passig about his creation of a professional B2B app using IronPython and Silverlight on Mono and the Mac.
An interview with me with Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte on FLOSS Weekly. The podcast is a rambling discussion over about 45 minutes. We discuss topics like, the differences between IronPython and CPython, Ironclad for using Python C extensions from IronPython, Silverlight, the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) and so on.
The Linux Outlaws recorded a whole bunch of interviews at this year's EuroPython conference. One of the interviews was with me, again about IronPython and Ironclad.

My part in the show is near the end and lasts about ten minutes or so but manages to cover some of the same ground as the FLOSS Weekly interview, with perhaps a bit more about IronPython on Mono.
  • 0:05:39 Steve Holden, Chairman of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) talks about the Foundation and what else he does in the open source world
  • 0:13:50 Laura Creighton from Open End talks about the EuroPython conference and also PyPy
  • 0:36:12 Bruce Eckel talks about writing technical books, writing them collaboratively and making books available for free on the web
  • 0:55:18 Michael Foord from Resolver Systems talks about IronPython and what he does with it at his work (including Ironclad) - also check out his book IronPython in Action


  1. Can't believe what you say there... fevered imaginings? And me, and Englishman? Gary, okay, but me? Hmpf.


  2. Thanks for linking to that FLOSS Weekly podcast!


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