Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Further Adventures of IronPython in Turkey

Ibrahim Kivanc is a Turkish blogger and programmer who has been having fun with IronPython and Silverlight. We've covered some of his exploits previously.

He's created a new website to promote IronPython in Turkey, but it won't make much sense unless you can read Turkish.
Fortunately for those of us who can't read Turkish, Ibrahim is intending to translate his articles into English. He says:
I'm in a progress with IronPython for a year. Last year I made presantitons with Microsoft Student Partner program and INETA program in Turkey about Ipy.In my blog I wrote more than 20 articles about IronPython in Turkish, most of them about IronPython with Silverlight working together in my blog . As soon as possible I will also translate my articles to English for foreign people.

I translated AgDLR and Chiron in Turkish. Now many Turkish people easily develop Silverlight app with IronPython. This year I will make more presentation and promote IronPython in many Turkish Colleges.
Since I last reported on him he has written two more articles on IronPython, both with example code to download:
An illustration of the Fibonacci series using IronPython, XAML and Silverlight.
The Python conditional syntax - using if, else and elif. Again illustrated with Silverlight.


  1. a developer site should not require silverlight or flash.

  2. Even one focussing on developing with Silverlight?

    That would seem, odd...

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