Saturday, May 01, 2010

SQLite, zlib and XNA

Jeff Hardy has been at it again, and has just done releases of both IronPython.SQLite and IronPython.Zlib - ports of the Python zlib and pysqlite modules to IronPython.
IronPython.Zlib  implements the zlib module for IronPython using ComponentAce’s, which is a purely managed implementation of the zlib library. IronPython.Zlib is entirely managed code and works with both 32-bit and 64-bit IronPython. It passes all of the Python 2.6 zlib and gzip tests and most of the zipfile tests.
IronPython.SQLite is a port of pysqlite to IronPython using C#-SQLite, which, similar to, is a managed implementation of SQLite. Thus, IronPython.SQLite is also 100% managed code. It passes about 87% of the Python 2.6 sqlite3 tests; the remaining ones are mostly corner cases or rarely used functionality.
Carl Trachte also emailed me about a Japanese blog post on using XNA with IronPython. XNA is the Microsoft game creation framework that runs on the XBox 360 and Windows. 

To run the example code you'll at least need the Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable installed.
This blog entry is almost entirely a translation of a C# XNA example to IronPython. The C# code is shown commented out alongside the IronPython equivalent. All it does it create a window with a cornflower blue background, but could be a useful introduction to programming XNA.

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