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Announcing IronPython View Engine for MonoRail

A proof of concept using IronPython as a view engine for Castle.

IronPython - My .NET Exploration Tool

Keerthi Shankar posts about using IronPython to explore .NET's Security classes

Dynamic Language Limbo

Kathleen Richards writes about Microsoft and Sun are placing bets on hot dynamic languages.

IronPython and trace style debugging

I post about a solution I use to do trace style debugging with IronPython and web/service applications.

Direct3D in IronPython

Johnny Watson shows how to use IronPython to manipulate Direct3D.

[ANN] IronPython Community Edition r4

Seo Sanghyeon announces the fourth release of the IronPython Community edition.

Build queues with

A post about using IronPython to help overcome file-locking issues with and Visual Studio’s integrated build engine.

elementtree 1.2.7 preview

ElementTree 1.2.7 preview is released. It's ElementTree 1.2.6 plus integrated support for IronPython 1.0 and later.

Dr Dobbs Portal - IronPython

In this screencast, Scott Swigart builds a simple Python Console Application using Visual Studio.

ElementTree IronPython Support

Fredrik Lundh (effbot) the author of CPython ElementTree mentions IronPython support is coming. "ElementIron is a (somewhat experimental) implementation of ET's parse, iterparse, and fromstring/XML functions for (guess what!) IronPython. I'll probably do an ElementTree 1.2.X maintenance release with native IronPython support in a not too distant future. (unfortunately, ElementIron is a lot slower than the CPython tree builder. I haven't benchmarked against stock ET running with Seo Sanghyeon's pyexpat implementation for IronPython, but it seems as if the main overhead is in the C#/IronPython interface layer, not in the builder itself. ideas for how to speed this up are welcome!)"

IronPython for ASP.NET CTP

Scott Guthrie, a General Manager within the Microsoft Developer Division posts about IronPython and ASP.NET

Live From Redmond: IronPython: Developing agile but rich client applications using Python

At 9AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) on December 6, 2006, Mahesh Prakriya, Lead Program Manager on the CLR Dynamic Languages team gives a Live Meeting presentation on using IronPython to develop a .NET client application. Hmmm, a great time for those living on one continent , but Microsoft please do not forget about some of us who live on the other side of the world:-)

Another Language for ASP.NET

Brennan Stehling posts a different view on IronPython for ASP.NET. "That is great for the reasons that it adds a dynamic language to ASP.NET and allows existing Python developers to more easily get into ASP.NET. But I am concerned that it will encourage more languages to come on board which will expand our available options unnecessarily."

PyReadLine for IronPython

Jörgen Stenarson announces the first release of his pyreadline port for IronPython.

Python Cryptographic Toolkit for IronPython

Seo Sangyheon announces the first release of the Python Cryptographic Toolkit for IronPython.

IronPython Book or Not ?

Fuzzyman has a proposal for an IronPython book with Manning.

IronPython: 1.0 or Not ?

In response to some mail threads and a blog post, Fuzzyman discusses if IronPython really deserves the '1.0 Production' tag or not.

Missing classes in the FCL (.NET Framework Class Library)

This post dicusses there being no class for arbitrary long integers in the .NET and using IronPython's large integer support as a solution.

Ironpython: Are the batteries included?

Christopher Baus discusses his concerns about the many incompatibilities between the IronPython andh the standard Python libraries.

Using System.Array from IronPython

Mujtaba Syed shows how System.Array can be instantiated and used from IronPython

RSSBus will support IronPython scripting

/n software releases RSSBus Beta 3, adding a plug-in architecture to support scripting in other languages, once of which is IronPython.

Opinions on IronPython

GQ Adonis thinks IronPython is a part of Microsoft's world domination plan. On the other hand, Gareth Rushgrobe and Sam Sun view IronPython and JRuby in terms of rivalry of Python and Ruby in .NET and Java world. Quote: "Ruby is for Java shops. Python is for .NET."

Python (IronPython) time to .NET C# DateTime format

How to convert an IronPython datetime to .NET DateTime format.

On the fly data persistence and IronPython

This post on registering schemas with Base4 using C# linked to a post by Alex Henderson on how IronPython makes it even easier.,guid,a13c0cd5-3600-4d79-bda0-3a857bbb8ac1.aspx

IronPython and COM

A useful thread on the IronPython mailing list about controlling applications via COM.

'Secret' Microsoft Project Ties IronPython to ASP.NET article discusses David Ebbo's session at the DevConnection conference. An interesting quote from the article: "In addition, Ebbo said his team has delivered a prototype of a "secret project" called Simplified Data Scenarios where developers can "easily build data-bound applications from scratch" starting only with a database. The prototype enables users to customize applications declaratively using ASP.NET or programmatically using IronPython, Ebbo said.",1759,2053498,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Joint letter to the Open Source Community

IronPython is mentioned in "Joint letter to the Open Source Community", from Novell and Microsoft, as an example of community project from Microsoft. /microsoft/openletter.html

Boo, Ironpython, Scriptaculous, MS Ajax and me

Ivan Porto Carrero tries IronPython by porting his nblogr setup. He found the lack of attribute support to be showstopper, and likes Boo better. /2006/11/07/BooIronpythonScrip taculousMSAjaxAndMe.aspx

Amplee v.0.3.0, A Python-based/IronPython-compatible Atom Publishing Protocol Implementation Now Available!

David Peterson posts about Sylvain Hellegouarch's release of the next version of Amplee, a Python/IronPython Atom Publishing Protcol implementation, using bridge to enable compatibility with a variety of XML document types, including System.Xml-based document types.

ANN: bridge 0.1.0 a general Python and IronPython XML library

Sylvain Hellegouarch announced the release of bridge, a general purpose XML library for Python and IronPython.

Using IronPython for Dynamic Expressions

David Findley discusses a possible solution using IronPython to dynamically evaluate formula's stored in a relational database.

IronPython Console & Tab Completion

I use this all the time but as Fuzzyman says it's not enabled by default.

IronPython WSGI

Christoper Baus reports of the status of the WSGI gateway for IronPython and ASP.NET. He has been doing some great work taking the POC code in fepy and making it much more robust. Once it has been completed and tested, it will hopefully become part of the IronPython Community Edition . Christoper's work to date can be found here .

IronPython for ASP.NET

More information about the just released IronPython for ASP.NET CTP. Has links to a whitepaper and some tutorials: Creating a Basic Web Page with IronPython Using Shared Code with IronPython for ASP.NET Databinding with IronPython for ASP.NET Debugging IronPython for ASP.NET Creating a User Control with IronPython

Microsoft IronPython for ASP.NET CTP

The download page for the IronPython for ASP.NET Community Technology Preview. This is the first chance to see how they will integrate a dynamic language with ASP.NET. From the website: "This package provides IronPython integration with ASP.NET and Visual Studio (including Visual Web Developer Express Edition). This allows you to write ASP.NET pages (both inline code and code-behind files) as well as common classes using IronPython. (The infrastructure is extensible to allow other dynamic languages to plug in as well.) The framework also includes design-time support for creating IronPython projects and pages in Visual Studio, with syntax coloring and debugging support."

IronPython is your friend -- IronPython and delegates

Alex Henderson has an interesting series of post about generic IronPython delegates. Part 1,guid,4f769e5e-32cd-487a-b00e-99e7b425f93b.aspx Part 2,guid,653e6795-9974-47b7-910e-9e4a2d1b4112.aspx Part 3,guid,a770377a-b1ad-4590-9145-36381757a52b.aspx

On the fly delegates in C# using IronPython:

An example of creating delegates and predicates at runtime rather than compile time.

IronPython, Unmanaged Code and Ascii Art

Another interesting post from Fuzzyman . He explains how to do the following: Taking a screenshot with IronPython Creating a class in C# and using it from IronPython Using unmanaged code from IronPython and C#

CLR Inside Out - IronPython

A column by James Schementi in the October 2006 edition of MSDN magazine about IronPython. From the column: "This column will give a brief overview of Python and what sets dynamic languages apart from other languages. I will discuss iterative development, describe how IronPython integrates with .NET while staying true to Python syntax, and show the advantages of using IronPython to utilize .NET."

Lang.NET Symposium Videos

Miguel de Icaza's provides links to videos of his favorite presentations at Lang.NET. As well as Jim's IronPython talk, there are other videos which may interest dynamic .NET language users.

Project updates: Onward we go

Christopher Baus mentions a todo list/productivity application he is developing using IronPython, Mono, and JavaScript/Dojo.

Use IronPython and Snoop to explore the Windows Presentation Foundation

A short screencast to show how you can use IronPython and Snoop (WPF debugging tool) together to explore the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Diffing itunes music libraries with ironpython

Orion Edwards discusses his IronPython solution for comparing two music libraries

Top 5 uses for IronPython