Monday, April 28, 2008

Resolver One and IronClad

A series of entries (from me) on Resolver One in the news, screencasts on using Python features (expressions, complex numbers and custom numeric types) in Resolver One. Plus the latest release of Ironclad (with real progress made):

DLR Caches

Martin Maly continues his in-depth look at the operations of the Dynamic Language Runtime with an explanation of DLR caching:

Snippets: Iterating Over Files and Creating GUIDs

Two blog entries showing useful snippets of IronPython code:

Introductory Articles on IronPython and XAML

Davy Mitchell has been working on a series of articles on using XAML (for Windows Presentation Foundation user interfaces) with IronPython. So far three of his articles are up:

MyJScript and Create your Own Language on the DLR

Lionel Laské is writing a series of articles on creating a programming language with the Dynamic Language Runtime. To go with it he has created an example language called 'MyJScript'.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wanna work on IronPython and Visual Studio

Harry Pierson is looking for people passionate about dynamic languages to join the IronPython team:

Learning IronPython

Steve Holden repeats some sage advice from Curt Hagenlocher on the IronPython mailing list with regard to learning IronPython:

Standalone Silverlight Applications with Moonlight

One advantage that Adobe AIR applications have over Silverlight is that they don't have to be hosted in the browser. (An advantage that Silverlight has over AIR is that it can be programmed in Python.)

The Linux support for Silverlight 2 (the interesting version) is not there yet. Linux support is coming through the 'Microsoft-blessed' Mono Moonlight project. They are still working on Silverlight 1.0, but Miguel de Icaza says that they will soon switch to Silverlight 2 development.

Something that Moonlight can already be used for that you can't do with Silverlight is to create applications that use the Moonlight UI, but have full access to the Mono stack and aren't limited to the browser. These are called Moonlight Desklets, and they can be programmed with IronPython.

Lets hope that something similar for Silverlight shows up soon...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Started with IronPython

The latest edition of the UK MSDN Flash (a Microsoft developer newsletter) includes a short article of mine:

A Simple IronPython Dependency Injection Framework

Dependency injection is getting a lot of attention in the .NET world, and this Code Voyeur creates a DI framework using IronPython:

Pump Some Iron with Studio IDE

Reg Developer has part two of their 'hands on' series of articles on IronPython. This one shows how to use IronPython Studio, the IronPython IDE based on the Visual Studio Shell:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Home for Twining

David Seruyange has created a project page for his IronPython Database DSL Twining:
Twining allows you to work with databases using code that looks like:

cn = "my connection string"

DLR Hosting Examples for IronPython 2.0 Beta 1 and C# 3

The Lazy Coder has posted a full example of hosting IronPython 2.0 Beta 1 in C# 3.0:

Monday, April 14, 2008

IronRuby and Silverlight: Minimal Examples

Ivan Porto Carrero (who is writing "IronRuby in Action") has started a new series of blog entries on, porting my IronPython and Silverlight examples from IronPython to IronRuby:
David Seruyange has been looking for an IDE to work with IronPython, and has settled on Wing.

IronPython and NUnit for NUnit 2.4

Alex Henderson (the Bitter Coder) updates his NUnit (a .NET testing framework) with IronPython examples for NUnit 2.4:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Step-by-step Debugging with Silverlight & IronRuby

LoGeek provides a step-by-step guide to debugging dynamic applications with Silverlight and Visual Studio. His guide uses IronRuby, but equally applies to IronPython:

OLE Automation (IDispatch) Support in IronPython

Shri Borde explains how com interoperability works in IronPython 1 and IronPython 2:

Turning Your .NET Object Model Dynamic for IronPython

When you use .NET classes in IronPython you can't add new methods or attributes to them. However you can provide methods on C# objects so that IronPython knows how to make them 'more Pythonic'. Srivatsn explains the magic:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Simple IronPython Business Object Validation Framework

A business object validation framework. In the words of the author:

This article will attempt to demonstrate the power and flexibility of IronPython by using it as a language for validating POCOs (plain old CLR objects). ... Again, the focus is on extensibility with IronPython.

Dynamic Language Runtime: What is it?

A brief overview of the Dynamic Language Runtime, by Shafqat Ahmed and aimed at .NET programmers:

IronPython - The Language - Variables, Functions and Classes

Ben Hall has been learning more about IronPython and Python. This blog entry looks at Python the language and explores basic concepts, such as functions, classes and introspection, from the interactive interpreter:

Monday, April 07, 2008

Flicker Free Syntax Highlighting

Chris Redford looks at the problem of implementing flicker free syntax highlighting in a rich textbox from IronPython:

Generate Catalog Images in IronPython

David Seruyange blogs about generating catalog images, for integration with the web, from IronPython:

IronPython Output Stream

Roberto Rocco Angeloni blogs about catching the standard output of a Python engine, by setting a custom output stream (written in C#):

XNA Console

A new Codeplex project, the XNA Console, allows you to debug and tweak your games whilst they are running by embedding an interactive IronPython interpreter into them:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

XAML GUI Events Example

Davy Mitchell has been experimenting with Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML. He has posted an example to the IronPython Cookbook showing how to load up a User Interface definition from XML and then hook up events:

Python & IronPython Iterative String Operation Benchmarks

Someone has posted some benchmarks of iterative string operations for Python and IronPython:
CPython wins out on all of these benchmarks, except against IronPython 1 for the generator test. Not only that, but this benchmark shows (for these specific operations - all of which are related) a performance regression between IronPython 1 and 2.

Hopefully these figures will provide useful data for IronPython optimisation.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Web Automation with Python.NET (and IronPython)

Ranorex explain how to use their new Web Automation API from both IronPython and Python.NET:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Embedding IronPython 2

Two examples of embedding IronPython 2 (beta 1) into C# .NET applications - and suggestions how you can expose a scripting API to user code.

Using Dynamic Languages in Silverlight with Visual Studio

Laurence Moroney has posted a blog entry about using Dynamic Languages in Silverlight with Visual Studio! Shows you how to start Chiron with F5 in a website solution.

IronPython Studio 1.0 for Isolated and Integrated VS Shell

IronPython Studio, the Python IDE built on Visual Studio Shell, is now version 1.0. There is also an integrated version to go with the isolated version. The integrated version can still run standalone, but can also run within Visual Studio.