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Simpler Method to Get Logical Drives

Steve Gilham finds an easier way of listing the logical drives with IronPython (one that also works on Mono): Simpler method to get logical drives

IronPython Telnet Controller for LiquidSoap

R Tyler Ballance shares a Telnet client written in IronPython (using Windows Forms and targetting Mono) for controlling an icecast2 music streaming server via LiquidSoap . Hacking with IronPython

Logical Drive Enumeration in IronPython

Steve Gilham reveals some of the magic of the System.Management assembly.

Building FePy on Mac OS X

My description of the steps I went through to compile FePy from source on Mac OS X: Building FePy on Mac OS X

WPF Examples

Steve Gilham has posted some IronPython examples of using WPF, translated from some IronRuby examples: Hello WPF in IronPython Steve also has another blog: Tinesware . This has example code for a program that calculates hashes of files by dragging and dropping onto a window (code for Python, Jython and IronPython) and also a screenshot of an FTP program he is writing with IronPython.

Silverlight 1.1 Refresh

There is a new release of Silverlight 1.0 out, version RC1. Silverlight 1.1, which has the DLR / IronPython integration has also had a 'Refresh' released (which apparently is different from a new version somehow). This upgrades Silverlight 1.1 to use the new Silverlight 1.0 RC1 core. This does change the Sivlerlight activation model, so may break some code. Microsoft Visual Studio Orcas has also had a new release - beta 2. This is the version of Visual Studio that can compile assemblies and build projects for Silverlight. The beta versions are free, but of course are windows only. Tim Sneath has details and download links for all of this: Silverlight 1.0RC1 is Here

IronPython License Submitted to the OSI

Microsoft have submitted their Shared Source Licenses to the OSI for approval as a recognised 'Open Source' licenses: Intelligent Design, the OSI and Microsoft There is now part of the Microsoft website devoted to open source , plus a blog from thier open source labs called Port 25 .

New Release: IronPython 2.0 Alpha 3

A new version of IronPython 2 (still in alpha) has been released. See: Announcement by Dino Viehland The improved support for dynamic sites from IronPython has resulted in a performance improvement for a number of scenarios including method lookup, indexing operations, and member access. This release brings IronPython up to date with the version of the DLR in the recent IronRuby release. It also includes initial support for an 'evaluation mode', where IronPython runs as an interpreter rather than a compiler. As usual, the new release can be downloaded from IronPython on Codeplex .

IronMonkey: IronPython on Tamarin

Brendan Eich has announced three new Mozilla projects: Brendan's Roadmap: New Projects These are 'Action Monkey', 'Screaming Monkey' and 'Iron Monkey'. They are all to do with integrating 'Tamarin' (the bytecode JIT VM that Mozilla was 'given' by Adobe) into Firefox. All three projects are led by experienced Pythonistas. 'Iron Monkey' is led by Seo Sanghyeon, and involves bringing IronPython to run on Tamarin! Tamarin:IronMonkey

Dynamically Compiling C# from IronPython

With IronPython it is possible to dynamically compile C# to in-memory assemblies and access them from the running application. This can be used to access attributes, not normally available to IronPython - as well as many other tasks. Dynamically Compile C# from IronPython

.NET Dynamic Languages Group on Facebook

David Peterson has created a Facebook group for dynamic languages on .NET: .NET Dynamic Languages Group on Facebook

IronRuby Released and IronPython to Accept User Contributions

A pre-alpha version of IronRuby has just been released: A First Look at IronRuby by John Lam Scott Guthrie has posted a good introduction to using it (interacting with WPF): First Look at IronRuby by Scott Guthrie John Lam's announcement about IronRuby included a couple of surprises. It is to be hosted on Rubyforge rather than Codeplex and will accept contributions from the community. This is something that hasn't so far been possible with IronPython, so members of the community were keen to hear if the same thing would also reply. Jim Hugunin responded on the IronPython mailing list that this will happen in the long term, but we would have to wait...

Silverlight Links and Reference

Marchon has put together some link and reference pages on Silverlight - including 'Silverlight in 90 Seconds' and 'Silverlight for Python Programmers': Silverlight for Python Developers

Qyoto / Kimono

The Qyoto / Kimono project allows you to write Qt / Kde programs with .NET languages, including IronPython: The Qyoto project Currently this is for Mono / Linux, but cross-platform capabilities are in the works.

Resolver is Launched

Michael Foord finally can tell the IronPython world what he has been working on in his day job. The product Resolver One is a 'rapid application development tool', for analysing and presenting business data using a familiar 'spreadsheet interface written in IronPython. This certainly shows that IronPython is more than a scripting language.

John Lam on the DLR

The " .Net Rocks" team interviews John Lam about his work on the DLR. As well as the DLR, there is interesting discussion about IronRuby, IronPython and the challenges of other .NET languages using classes created in a dynamic language.

Embedding IronPython 2

I missed this one a few weeks ago. It is an example of embedding IronPython 2 in C#: DLR Hosting Services Unfortunately due to a bug in the released binaries it only works with IronPython 2.0 Alpha 1 and not Alpha 2...

Windows Media Encoder

It looks like there is a lot of IronPython going on in Japan! This is an example of using Windows Media Encoder Interop : Windows Media Encoder の COM Once again the text is in Japanese but the code speaks for itself...

IronPython in Japan

Apparently we've just missed it: Python Workshop the Edge Of course most of that page is in Japanese, but there are a couple of particularly interesting links: IronPython and Dynamic Languages (pdf) (in English) Looks like Mahesh has been having fun in Japan - nice presentation. IronPython Hands On (pdf) This one is in Japanese, but the code examples are easy to follow! A good winforms example with the TableLayoutPanel. 1.4 Released is an automation tool designed to implement client-side functional testing of web applications under Internet Explorer 6 or 7, using languages such as C#, VB.Net or IronPython. InCisif Software Released 1.4