Tuesday, December 11, 2007

IronPython Studio Now Available

IronPython Studio is a free full IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Python programming language. It is based on the existing IronPython example that is included in the VS SDK.
IronPython Studio is based on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell runtime (royalty free) and can be installed without requiring any version of Visual Studio. It is hosted on codeplex.

Installer, source and screencast are available from the download page. The sources require Visual Studio 2008 (Team Edition apparently) and the SDK.

NOTE: Some users (myself included) had trouble getting this working. The magic steps are:
  1. Download and install the Visual Studio X redistributable from: Visual Studio Extensibility
  2. After you run the Install for the MS VS 2008 Shell Isolated Mode Redistributable, you must then go to the folder ("C:\VS 2008 Shell Redist\Isolated Mode") and click on: "vsshellisolated_enu.exe" to actually install the redistributable runtime.
  3. Install IronPython Studio
Thanks to Tom Clark for the instructions.

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