Monday, December 31, 2007

Minor Mentions

A few recent blog entries featuring or mentioning IronPython:
  • CALEBLOG: Garbage Collecting 2007 - a blogger includes being surprisingly interested by IronPython and the DLR in his mental garbage collecting of 2007.
  • Python.NET - Alcides Fonseca is a fan of both .NET and Python. He likes IronPython, but prefers Python.NET.
  • Playing with the DLR - Rainer experiments with the DLR. He shows code for executing IronPython, IronRuby and Managed JScript scripts by embedding the DLR (from IronPython 2) in C#.
  • Mood News - Now IronPython Powered - Davy Mitchell's 'Mood News' is now powered by IronPython
Oh, and there are some more IronPython Cookbook updates:

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