Friday, December 07, 2007

Microsoft Volta: IronPython to Javascript Compiler

Microsoft Live Labs have announced a new project - the Volta Recompiler:
As far as I can tell, this allows you to compile IronPython (and other .NET languages) to Javascript:

Microsoft Live Labs Volta helps developers who build distributed applications on the .NET platform, using the Microsoft development stack (programming languages, libraries, and Visual Studio). This version of Volta supports applications that run on the Microsoft CLR, a JavaScript-enabled browser, or a combination of the two.


In essence Volta is a recompiler. Volta works on MSIL rather than on a textual source language. Volta rewrites MSIL into any number of target languages, including, today JavaScript and MSIL itself.


In summary, Volta confers flexibility in the architecture dimension through:

  • Language-independence. Write Volta code in any language that compiles into MSIL. For example, C#, VB, IronPython, etc.


  1. Pardon the noob question, but would this work with the mono project?

  2. As they both use the same bytecode (MSIL), possibly... :-)


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