Thursday, January 03, 2008

IronPython on eee PC and OLPC

I've just received my Asus eee PC (8GB/1GB). It's very nice, unbelievably cute. I would have bought an OLPC of course, but they won't ship to the UK...

Anyway, I have no reports on IronPython running on either of these devices. There are reports of Mono running on both though, and as Mono comes with IronPython it should be straightforward:
Those who don't believe that it is possible to create good looking desktop applications with Mono and its Windows Forms implementation need to check out Plastic SCM:
(Miguel has screenshots on the Mac and Linux.)

Oh, one final thing. Second Life offers a fantastic three dimensional virtual reality to explore. What is the obvious geek thing to do then? Build a text based interface for it of course! If this sparks your interest, then you may want to checkout 'SLTalker' and help write it in IronPython:

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