Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Python Challenge - from Powershell!

Mark (The Powershell Guy), has been having fun with The Python Challenge. Several of the levels can be done straight from Powershell, but the latest one he has reached requires loading Python pickles. To solve this he uses the IronPython assemblies and the Python standard library, from Powershell of course:
In one post he mentions the Microsoft Winter Scripting Games, which are Feb 15th to March 3rd. Hopefully there will be some contenders using IronPython.


  1. Thanks for picking up my Quest .

    there is no category yet for Python in the scripting games (perl added this year )

    but hey !, when I started doing the scripting games in PowerShell the first times there was no official PowerShell division either.

    would be cool to have a Python side competition also this year ;-)

    Greetings /\/\o\/\/

  2. You guys are in luck--I'm interviewing the Scripting Guys tonight for the PowerScripting Podcast. I'll bring up IronPython.

  3. The interview went well. I brought up IronPython and both of the Scripting Guys laughed. Apparently it has gotten lots of talk in the office. I think they'd already made the decision not to go with it this year but will next year but we'll see. It may not be written in stone.

  4. Thaks for trying guys, we'll have to wait for next time... :-)

  5. Fuzzyman, shoot me an email so I have your address and I'll pass it on to the MS guy. He may want to follow up with you, no promises.

  6. Fuzzyman, the podcast has been put up on, go check it out. We start talking about IronPython at around index 38:00.


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