Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i-Dialogue Now Supports Python

i-Dialogue now supports scripting with Python through IronPython. iDialogue is an SaS (Software-as-Service) system integrated with the Salesforce CRM. They call it a 'Customer Experience Management' system (marketing tools).
Mike Leach was new to Python, and he likes it:

After only a few days of playing with Python, I see now what others have been raving about. Web developers will really enjoy using Python with Dialogue Script:
  • Cleaner code. Easier to read and manage
  • No need for thick IDEs. Too often, an IDE like Eclipse or Visual Studio stands between you and the desired solution. Dialogue Script development is 100% browser-based (yes, it even works in Chrome!)
  • Agile business rules management. Work side-by-side with business users and apply business rules directly in web pages
  • Dynamic typing

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