Friday, November 21, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Stuff: Part II

More IronPython and DLR related stuff collected over the last few weeks.
This looks like a very interesting blog entry, and the only reason it is here rather than having a post to itself is that it is in Spanish and so I can't tell you much about what it says... It is by Jacobnix and about using IronPython with Mandriva Linux and Mono.
Two patches to Mono (by Bill Holmes) allowing you to compile and use recent versions of IronPython 2. This is great news as the version of IronPython 2 included with Mono (from FePy) is 2.0 alpha 5 - which is pretty out of date now.
Two new recipes in the IronPython Cookbook (both by Davy Mitchell I believe).
This StackOverflow question yielded several answers, including this example IronPython code for working with the Microsoft SQLServer database:
import clr
from System.Data.SqlClient import SqlConnection, SqlParameter

= 'data source=; initial catalog=; trusted_connection=True'
= SqlConnection(conn_string)
= connection.CreateCommand()
.CommandText = 'select id, name from people where group_id = @group_id'
.Parameters.Add(SqlParameter('group_id', 23))

= command.ExecuteReader()
while reader.Read():
print reader['id'], reader['name']

This blog entry is in Japanese, so I have no idea what it is about (I would really like to know)! All I know is that if you download the example application and run it with IronPython it complains about you not being logged in to the IRC channel and giant WPF teddy bears float down your screen! The program is called '' which is intriguing.
A French firm called LeeBeLLuL have a large web application written almost entirely in IronPython. One of their developers recently posted to the mailing list:

"I developed an application with LeeBeLLuL that communicates with Google App Engine in SOAP. I mainly use the DataStore, process are done on the PC. I think GAE is an effective platform with good response time, whose implementation is easy with SOAP."

Again, I have no idea what is actually going on - but the page linked to has quite a few examples of working with XML (presumably SOAP as they also have a big WSDL definition) from IronPython.
You've just missed my colleague speaking at the Oredev developer conference in Sweden: "Pumping Iron: Dynamic Languages on .NET". I'm mainly posting this link because his bio is fun and you can see from his photo how much weight he has gained recently...

Jonathan and I have a proposal to do an IronPython tutorial at PyCon 2009.


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