Sunday, August 16, 2009

Acceptance Testing .NET Applications with IronPython

The July 2009 issue of Python Magazine is out, and the headline feature is an article on testing .NET applications with IronPython by the honourable Mr. Hartley.

Brandon Craig-Rhodes (editor in chief) describes the article in his blog post on the July issue:
First, IronPython, the .NET version of Python for Windows, is the topic of Jonathan Hartley's article about acceptance testing. He illustrates that, regardless of the language in which you write your .NET application, you can deploy simple strategies to make your application testable through a Python test harness, and thereby bring Python's strong flexibility as a testing language to bear on a product that you might be writing in another .NET language.
The article goes over some of the techniques we use for acceptance testing at Resolver Systems, but applies them to applications written in C# rather than IronPython.

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