Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Good Mix 34: Silverlight Logging, WPF and NotifyIcon, more Python and Ruby and pickling Python books

Another collection of IronPython and DLR related articles from around the web. A fine way to end 2009.
A nascent project to Port Log(4|5)J from Java to C# with the goal of usefulness in Silverlight, especially for IronPython.
 Two Japanese blog entries, both by sasakima-nao. As with previous entries the code examples are very readable. The first is a simple WPF picture viewer (nice penguins) and the second shows how to create a NotifyIcon and ContextMenu in the taskbar (with Windows Forms classes).
This blog entry is in Russian, but I think there are enough code examples for it to be useful for those of us who don't speak Russian. As I've mentioned before the promise of the Dynamic Language Runtime is that dynamic languages can interoperate and share libraries. This is exactly what this blog entry shows: using the Ruby soap/wsdlDriver from Python.

The cool thing is that this is done with a helper / wrapper library, that looks like it could be used to expose virtually any Ruby module / class that can be accessed through IronRuby to IronPython. Using his ruby module, the code looks like this:
from ruby import _import_, get_class
Soap = get_class('SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory')
client = Soap('http://localhost1/Service1.asmx?WSDL').create_rpc_driver()
Marcus McElhaney has discovered IronPython and likes it. The reasons he gives are:
1. I can very easy use everything I know about the .Net Framework, VB.Net, and  C#
2. I can run IronPython in Visual Studio
3. I can reference ESRI's  ArcObjects libraries in  Visual Studio and IronPython
What's even more gratifying is that he has been exploring IronPython through IronPython in Action and likes that too. A slight misspelling gives rise to my favourite quote about IronPython in Action:
IronPython In Action is probably the best Python book I have ever pickled up because it also explains a lot of not just Python but also about .Net.
If any book deserved to be pickled up, this is it... Have a great 2010.

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