Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WCF Service in pure IronPython with config file

In previous blog entries Lukáš Čenovský looked into Databinding and WCF Services with IronPython 2.6. This uses the new __clrtype__ feature in IronPython 2.6 to interact with .NET features that previously couldn't be done with IronPython.

In this follow up blog entry Lukáš shows how to saved the IronPython interface in an assembly with a config file.
I was wrong when I wrote in the last post that the IronPython service cannot be saved into an assembly. It can. Which opens a way to use .config file to configure the service.
The interface is the same as in the previous version. The only difference in the service to the previous version is in the ServiceHost initialization - we omit the service configuration parameters because they are in the .config file. I also changed the clr namespace.

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