Monday, April 05, 2010

Professional IronPython

Professional IronPython is a new book on IronPython, published by Wrox and written by John Meuller (who has apparently written 73 books).

Create applications that are more responsive to user needs

IronPython should be an important part of your developer's toolbox and this book will quickly get you up and running with this powerful language. John Paul Mueller clearly shows how IronPython can help you create better desktop or web-based applications in less time and with fewer errors. Throughout the pages, you'll find techniques for extending IronPython and making it a more robust language. In addition, you'll follow advanced steps such as building an IronPython extension that directly accesses the Win32 API. And you'll enhance your skill set as you introduce IronPython into other environments such as Linux® and Mac OS® X.      

Professional IronPython is the third book on IronPython, with the first two being IronPython in Action and Pro IronPython. It will come as no surprise to hear that my personal recommendation is IronPython in Action...

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