Sunday, April 25, 2010

IronPython in PyCharm, a new Python IDE

PyCharm is a new Python IDE from the JetBrains team, still available only as an "early preview" (beta planned this summer). As well as the "usual features" for Python IDEs (debugger, syntax highlighting, projects and code navigation, code completion, testing and version control integration, etc) it has some nice features like django support, Python refactoring and support for IronPython.

Some of the details of the IronPython support are on the PyCharm blog:

IronPython support. It includes the possibility to generate Python stubs for .NET assemblies, but for performance reasons the generation isn’t performed on project opening and needs to be triggered manually (press Alt-Enter on an import statement).

This will allow for code-completion (intellisense) to work for IronPython code in the PyCharm IDE. 

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