Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dynamic Script Control for WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation (the .NET user interface that is the successor to Windows Forms) and Silverlight support the definition of user interfaces with XAML (an XML markup language).  This includes using visual designer tools to generate the XAML.

You can create your own controls and then use them in XAML and the visual designer tools. Unfortunately this doesn't work for controls created with dynamic languages, because there is no static target for the XAML Loader to use when it encounters the corresponding XAML element.

Ivan Carrero (the author of "IronRuby in Action") has started a new project to create a 'Dynamic Script Control' (where the control is written in C# but initialised from code in IronPython or  IronRuby code specified in a XAML element attribute). I'll be assisting him with the IronPython support.

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