Monday, May 05, 2008

SAP DI Commander - an Interactive IronPython Environment

Python tools for working with the 'uber-enterprise' SAP, are not something I hear about very often, but this one is interesting and is based on IronPython.

DIC is an interactive environment for working with SAP Business 1 through the COM API:
There is a rather better introduction in the article where he introduced version 1 of DIC:
The introductory quote of that article explains why he wrote DIC:

If you have been involved with SAP Business One implementation projects, I'm sure you have at some point faced a situation where you needed to quickly modify a large amount of records in the customer's database. Here are some real-world examples from my past projects:
  • Change the default warehouse for 2,000 items in the database
  • Remove 4,000 items that were imported with an incorrect item number
  • Remove a few thousand items (from a total item count of 50,000) that have not been used in any transaction
  • Copy the account settings from one itemgroup to all the rest of the item groups (about 200 of them)

Being familiar with relational databases, I've pretty often found myself mumbling something like this:

"Dude, if they just would allow me to run a simple SQL update query in the database. This task would be completed in a few seconds."

Well, this is prohibited by SAP for rather obvious reasons. We need to get by with somewhat less powerful tools. (! *cough*)

On why the author chose Python:

I chose Python as the language of DIC because Python has a very clear, human-readable syntax and it also lets you interact with live objects as you build your code.

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