Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Games Programming with IronPython and OpenTk

There are lots of good options for games programming with CPython, so it is nice to also have choices for IronPython. One .NET framework for games programming that boasts of working well with IronPython is "OpenTk".
The Open Toolkit is a game development library for .Net/Mono with an elegant, yet powerful, API. It enables you to bring your ideas to fruition, leveraging the full power of .Net, OpenGL and OpenAL.

OpenTK needs no setup. It runs on Linux and Windows and works with all .Net languages, like C#, VB.Net and IronPython. Best of all, it is - and will remain! - free for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

This is OpenGL like you've never seen it before.


  1. Why not use the existing pyopengl? Then you can get more portable, faster, and easier to write games?

    Being tied to .net specific libraries means you'll be tied to the platform.

    Which seems to be a fine idea if you're a .net marketeer - but not for anyone else.

  2. There may be lots of good reasons to use IronPython. OpenTk might be one of them...

    (With Mono IronPython runs on as many platforms as CPython - only a problem if you are ideologically opposed to .NET instead of having technical reasons.)


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