Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Coding Geekette's Book Reviews: IronPython in Action

Sarah Dutkiewicz is the Coding Geekette, a .NET developer who also like Python and has presented at many .NET community events on IronPython. Sarah is speaking at PyCon 2009 on FePy, the community distribution of IronPython: Pumping Iron into Python: Intro to FePy.

In a recent blog entry she reviews IronPython in Action:
Overall, I would recommend IronPython in Action for anyone wanting to learn IronPython. The examples in this book were easy to follow and very applicable to everyday programming. Even if you're an experienced IronPython programmer, IronPython in Action would be great to have on hand as a reference. I'm looking forward to buying the final copy once it comes out, just to have as a reference (and to plug in my future IronPython talks).

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