Sunday, March 01, 2009

Embedding IronPython 2 and the Dynamic Language Runtime

My series of articles on embedding IronPython have been updated for the latest version of the hosting API in IronPython 2. As well as being updated there are two new articles, an introduction and overview of extending a C# application with IronPython plugins and an example 'Scripted Turtle' application that allows you to draw funk images through Python scripting:
One of the most impressive things about DLR based languages like IronPython and IronRuby is how easy they are to host in applications to add dynamic features. You can even host IronPython in IronPython, something that Resolver One makes good use of to provide a separate execution context for each spreadsheet.

During the development of IronPython 2 the DLR was changing regularly and each new release seemed to bring breaking changes to the API. This means that most of the online examples, including my own articles, quickly became out of date. I've finally updated all my articles (except for one on creating a custom executable which is clearly marked as being for IronPython 1). There are quite a few different articles and examples for download here, covering various different aspects of embedding IronPython in C#. As the hosting API is common between DLR based languages, most of these articles also apply to IronRuby as well.

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