Sunday, March 01, 2009

ISV Innovation: IronPython for the C# Developer

ISV Innovation are a Microsoft partner who do online training for a wide range of subjects. This includes a series of on-demand web seminars on IronPython and Dynamic Language Runtime related subjects:
The course trainer is Bill Lodin (Vice President of IT Mentors). The description is short but straightforward: "This session provides an introduction to the syntax of IronPython for the Visual C# developer".

This web seminar also links to related topics in the the Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime for Developers Web Seminar Series:
  • Part: 1 IronPython for the Visual Basic Developer
  • Part: 3 Inside the DLR
  • Part: 4 Implementing a Dynamic Language
  • Part: 5 IronRuby for the Visual Basic Developer
  • Part: 6 IronRuby for the C# Developer

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