Friday, March 20, 2009

Jeff Hardy Reviews IronPython in Action

Jeff Hardy is the creator of NWSGI. This is a .NET implementation of the Web Server Gateway Interface protocol; a Python protocol for web applications. His goal is to be able to use Python applications and frameworks like Trac and Django from IronPython with the Microsoft IIS server. He also blogs about his progress in getting Django and setuptools to run under IronPython.

As with other recent entries on this news blog, he is featured here because he has posted a review of IronPython in Action:

He says:

I wasn't really sure what to expect when given this book. Having read it, I now see that it is exactly what it says it is – IronPython, in action. For any serious work with IronPython (more than just using it as an alternative Python interpreter), than this book will save you a ton of learning time. The examples are clear, concise, and – most importantly – realistic. Even if you already know Python and .Net inside and out, but are new to IronPython, this book will save you some headaches learning about how they interact.

This was exactly our goal, so we're pleased!

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