Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Good Mix 28: NTornado, WPF, Testing in Italian, More Benchmarking, and adodbapi

Yet another collection of IronPython and DLR related articles, projects and blog entries from the past few weeks.
NTornado is an IronPython version of the Tornando web server. The Tornado Web Server is the open source version of the non-blocking web server that power FriendFeed and now part of the Facebook's open source initiative. This server is coded in Python and with strong emphasis on operating systems with epoll support.

NTornado is a port of Tornado to IronPython using asynchronous high-performance sockets in .NET. To run the demos (requires IronPython 2.6):
> ipy -X:Frames "demo file name".py
I always find myself needing a control template so I can customize one of the WPF controls. I used to fire up Expression Blend to get it, and then realized I could write a little IronPython code to do it. Paste this code into the IronPython 2.0 or 2.6 console to see it work!
 A translation of James McCaffrey's article on testing .NET code with IronPython into Italian, for the MSDN magazine.
Pyevolve aims to be a  "complete genetic algorithm framework written in pure python". The Pyevolve blog has benchmarked some genetic algorithms code running on all the major Python implementations: CPython 2.6 & 2.5, Unladen Swallow, IronPython, PyPy and Jython. IronPython 2.6 comes out slower than CPython (and Unladen Swallow) and faster than PyPy and Jython.
adodbapi is a Python module for working with Microsoft ADO for connecting to databases and datasources. adodbapi is compatible with the Python DB-API 2.0 specification, meaning that it can be used by any DB-API compatible code. Thanks to the work of Vernon Cole, adodbapi now passes all tests when run on both CPython and IronPython.

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