Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello GTK# from IronPython and F#

GTK# is a managed interface to the GTK user interface library. GTK# is part of the Mono project, but it can also be used from .NET on Windows.

In this blog entry, another one from Steve Gilham, he illustrates using GTK# from both IronPython and C# by porting some C# examples.
A little post to record a short bit of spiking with GTK# as UI toolkit, porting the simple C# examples from here to my preferred .net languages. Neither of these explorations are totally novel -- there are examples in either language to Google, but not all of them recorded all the details of the slight rough spots that needed a little working (and they were often not at all recent, either).

For IronPython 2.6 latest with GTK# 2.12.9-2, running the programs as ipy

The dynamic nature of the language means we can lose a lot of the declaration clutter. We just have to explicitly reference the main GTK# assembly (which is GAC'd by the GTK# installer), and away we go.

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