Friday, November 20, 2009

IronPython 2.6 Release Candidate 3

IronPython 2.6 is the up-and-coming version of IronPython targeting compatibility with Python 2.6. As well as the new features in Python 2.6, IronPython 2.6 has several important new features specific to IronPython. These include:
  • The __clrtype__ metaclass for data binding and .NET attribute support
  • Implementation of the ctypes module
  • Support for Python stack frames and sys.settrace, which means the pdb debugger works
  • Better performance through adaptive compilation
  • Faster startup
IronPython 2.6 Release Candidate 3 has just been released. The hope is that this will be the last release candidate before the final release:
We’re pleased to announce the third and hopefully final release candidate of IronPython 2.6. Release Candidate 3 only includes Silverlight-related changes pertaining to some incompatibilities between 2.6 RC1 and RC2. Those who utilize IronPython for non-Silverlight scenarios will happily find virtually no churn from RC2. We strongly encourage everyone interested in Silverlight to test out this release ASAP because we plan on releasing IronPython 2.6 final in a week if no major new regressions are detected.

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    1. While I'm not an IronPython user and I don't play one on TV the convergence of *Python implementations to 2.6.x is a GOOD THING(TM) and hopefully they will move on to 3.x during the moratorium.


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