Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting a Jump Start with IronPython

Darrell Hawley is a Microsoft C# MVP and .NET developer with an interest in IronPython. He has written an article for Packt Publishing on getting started with IronPython:
As a .NET developer, you’ve probably heard IronPython mentioned in a blog post or an article, but do you know what it is? IronPython is Microsoft’s implementation of the Python language. Python is known for readability and its’ proponents claim that applications written with Python are done faster, use fewer lines of code and are more maintainable than those written using more traditional languages. The great thing about IronPython is that you get the advantages of the language, while being able to leverage your knowledge of the .NET framework. In this article by Darrell Hawley, we will cover a few basic aspects of IronPython and use them to create a Windows Form.
The article covers using IronPython from the command line and with a code editor like Scite, working with .NET regular expressions, Python classes and Windows Forms.

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