Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visual Micro-Blogging Tool - with IronPython Scripting

VMBT is a Visual Micro-Blogging Tool (it looks like a combination of Twitter and IRC in a single client). You can see some screenshots of it in action here.

In a recent post the developer announced an exciting new feature coming soon:
Next version of VMBT will include a customization feature via the Dynamic Language Runtime functionality of .NET. This allows you (the user) to enhance the client with your own code. Scripting through Python allows you to do your own thing on events like chat on public, friends timeline or searches. You can also control the Twitter-API from this scripting language and create your own windows, manipulate statuses/users appearance in the client’s chat window.

A simple example of this functionality would be to create a script that follows everyone who mentions you or something you define. Another example is a script that stores all URLs that are mentioned in a global URL-list, or like the native functionality already does, expand tinyurls to original URLs. We are able to trigger on all the events you define, and it is possible to automate lots of things. Creating a Twitter-bot? Having a Twitter-account that automatically respond when you ask it something? Choose between public or direct answers. Do what you want.

The most powerful feature of this scripting support, is that you can rewrite code or functionality that already exists. Don’t like the menu or treeview? Write a Python-script that fixes it
The new version has now been released, so you can try it out:
Finally! This release is spectacular. Lot’s of new big untested features, including a brand new chat window with lots of possibilities. Also including support for your own Python scripts (This will be improved, of course).

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