Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More IronPython Podcasts and Videos

Another collection of podcasts and videos on IronPython and the DLR, quite a few this time.
These are all Microsoft videos and cover:
  • Implementing a Dynamic Language
  • Inside the Dynamic Language Runtime
  • IronPython for the C# Developer
  • IronPython for the Visual Basic .Net Developer
  • IronRuby for the C# Developer
  • IronRuby for the Visual Basic .Net Developer
  • The Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime Defined
Harry Pierson (Microsoft IronPython PM) has recorded a new podcast with Deep Fried Bytes. He talked for so long they had to split it into two episodes!
After a few months of hunting him down, Keith and Woody sat down with Harry Pierson who is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio languages team. Harry’s big passion is currently IronPython but he also works with all of the dynamic languages at Microsoft. In addition we discussed the Dynamic Language Runtime and Harry’s views about Open Source and Microsoft.
A few weeks ago I linked to videos of the IronPython related presentations from PyCon 2009 (plus three videos from our IronPython tutorial). If you prefer podcasts to videos then I have some good news for you; the audio has been extracted and turned into a series of podcasts:
Direct links to the IronPython related talks as mp3 files:

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