Monday, April 27, 2009

IronPython Podcasts and Videos

Last week I was very fortunate to record a podcast on IronPython and dynamic languages on .NET with Scott Hanselman.

Scott is a well known developer who works for Microsoft, and one of the authors of Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0. In this 46 minutes podcast we discuss why dynamic languages are interesting and gaining in popularity, and how IronPython fits into the .NET world - touching on why dynamic languages are easier to test and using IronPython to allow user scripting of .NET applications. Naturally both IronPython in Action and Resolver One get mentions along the way.
Michael Foord makes his living as a Python programmer. More specifically as an IronPython programmer. He chats with me about his company's use of IronPython, the DLR and why they picked Python over C# or VB.
I've also recorded an episode with a new .NET podcast called Sod This, which describes itself as "brain burps for the tech savvy". This is the creation of Oliver Sturm and Gary Short, two UK MVPs and devexpress evangelists. The interview took place during the BASTA conference in Germany; in a bar, so the audio starts of a bit rough but improves as the interview progresses. I even reveal my mystery past and what I did before programming in Python.
A few weeks ago I blogged about the podcast I'd done with the .NET Rocks guys. I've just discovered that they have a full transcript of the recording online, so if you prefer reading to listening it may be your cup of tea:
And finally, videos rather than podcasts. The videos from PyCon 2009 started to show up online almost as soon as the conference was finished. The tutorials took rather longer as they are three hours long each. The videos of the IronPython tutorial that Jonathan Hartley and I presented have gone up. You can read about the tutorial, with links to the three videos, here:
The tutorial was great fun, exploring different aspects of programming with .NET and IronPython by creating a Windows Forms Twitter client called Stutter.

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